Elections are held at the Ashford Town Hall located at:
N1410 Rolling Drive
Campbellsport, WI 53010

Phone: 920-533-4641 (this is the physical phone at the Town Hall which is not a regularly staffed building)

Poll hours on election days are 7 am to 8 pm

All persons of voting age who wish to vote have to be registered to vote.  You can register to vote at any time during the year. Registration can also be done on election days but be aware that voter registration lines do get long, especially during presidential elections.

Note: A person has to re-register to vote if they have a name change or an address change (even if within the same municipality).

Proof of current address within the Town is required when registering to vote.  Documents showing the current address that are accepted include: current property tax bill, current utility bill, recent paycheck stub, or driver’s license.

Contact the Town Clerk, Tracy Flasch, at 920-533-5053 to:

  • register to vote
  • request an absentee ballot
  • for any other election-related questions



Linda Martinson - Chief Inspector

Lou Ann Gudex

Jewell Zielieke

Eva Harvey

Donna Stoffel

Beverly Emmer

Andrea Hill

Jaime Beautre

Kevin Brehmer

Karen Lupa

Deborah Gudex


If you live in the Town of Ashford and are interested in being a poll worker, please contact the Town Clerk, Tracy Flasch, at 920-533-5053 for more information.