Frequently Asked Questions

Ashford Town Hall is located at N1410 Rolling Drive, Campbellsport, WI 53010.  The phone number at the hall is 920-533-4641 (not a regularly staffed building).

Town Board Meetings are held the first Monday of the month  at 7:00 pm at the Town Hall.  Agendas are posted at the Town Hall and on the Town website.

Absentee Ballots – contact Town Clerk Tracy Flasch at 920-533-5053.

Ambulance – CALL 911 for emergencies.  Campbellsport Fire Department provides ambulance services for the town.  Non emergency number: 920-533-5266

Animal Control - Contact Jim Wiesner at 920-948-0073

Board of Appeals - meets on an “as needed” basis.  Contact Town Chairman Joe Koch with questions at 920-533-8592. Members:  Tony Fleischman, Dan Wagner, Stan Brath, Deborah Bates, Dawn Wernicke. Alternates: Randy Karoses, Mark Mueller, Jim Bates

Building Permits – contact Building Inspector Brian Kober at 262-626-2335 or 414-333-9696

Burning permits
- contact Town Supervisor Joe Koch at 920-533-8592

Driveway permits – contact Building Inspector Brian Kober at  262-626-2335 or 414-333-9696

Dog Licenses – contact Town Treasurer Doreen Ruplinger at 920-533-4745

Dump and Recycling Location and Hours – open Saturdays from 7 am to 2 pm.  Address is: N836 Hwy W, Campbellsport

Dump and recycling questions – contact Town Supervisor Bob Burg at 920-904-6434.

Fire Department – Campbellsport Fire Department – call 911 for emergencies and Lomira Fire Department for some residents in the western portion of the town.

Fireworks permits – contact Joe Koch at 920-533-8592.

Internet Tower - The company who put up the Internet tower on the Town property is Bug Tussel.

Liquor and Operators Licenses
– contact Town Clerk Tracy Flasch at 920-533-5053

Newspaper: Official newspaper of the Town of Ashford is the Campbellsport News.

Planning Committee:  Meets on an "as-needed" basis. Committee members: Dan Wagner, Mark Mueller, Stan Brath, Jim Bates, Jim Wiesner. Alternates:  Debbie Bates, Fran Ruplinger, Millie Brath, Randy Karoses, Dawn Wernicke.

Property Tax Bill Questions – contact Town Treasurer Doreen Ruplinger at 920-533-4745

Recycling is mandatory in the Town of Ashford.

Road questions or issues – contact Town Chairman Joe Koch at 920-533-8592

Sheriff’s Department – Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Department.  Call 911 for emergencies.  Non emergency number is 920-929-3390

State Government – The Town of Ashford is in the 59th Assembly District and the 20th Senate District of the State of Wisconsin.

Town of Ashford is located in Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin.

Town Assessor  - William Kiekhaefer; phone 920-344-0335 or 920-485-2065

Town Hall Rental – contact Town Supervisor Jim Wiesner at 920-948-0073.

Voter Registration – contact Town Clerk Tracy Flasch at 920-533-5053.

Property Tax FAQs

Town Hall Rental FAQs

The Ashford Town Hall, located at N1410 Rolling Drive, Campbellsport, WI is available for rent for graduations, anniversaries, birthday parties, family reunions, youth groups, business gatherings, etc.

There are tables and chairs at the hall, a refrigerator and bathroom facilities.  Please note, there is no stove or oven but there are electrical outlets along a countertop for slow cookers and roasters.  There is also no cookware, dishware or silverware at the Town Hall.

The hall must be put back in the order it was found after the gathering is over, including sweeping the floor and removing all garbage.

Rental fee: $50

Contact Jim Wiesner at 920-948-0073 for questions or to reserve a date.