Recycling and Dump

IMPORTANT DUMP INFORMATION: Effective January 2010, the Town will no longer accept televisions, computers, electronics and microwaves at the dump.

Also, compact fluorescent light bulbs should not be disposed of in the dumpster.  The used unbroken bulbs can be recycled at Ben Franklin/True Value in Campbellsport, Tennies/Ace Hardware in Kewaskum, and Luedtke Lumber in Lomira.

Thank you for your cooperation with these new guidelines.


The Town of Ashford dump is located at: N836 Hwy W, Campbellsport

Hours:  Saturdays from 7 am to 12 pm; Wednesdays from 4 pm to 6 pm

Items not accepted at dump:
Brush  --  Stones  --  Tires

Bulky item dumpsters are at the dump in May of each year.

Contact Joe McCarty at 920-539-3678 for questions about recycling and garbage disposal.

Please sort all recyclable items from your garbage to help us meet the quota mandated to us by the DNR.  Most residents are doing a great job of sorting and bringing recyclables to the dump but we can do better.


Recycling Guidelines
(Note: Rinsing and Flattening is now optional)
Recycling Material What do I recycle? Cleaning and Preperation What Cannot be Recycled?
Glass Clear, Green, and Brown bottles and jars remove lids and discard in trash; RINSE CLEAN & REMOVE RINGS Windows, Mirrors, Light Bulbs and Tubes, Pyrex & Dishes, Drinking Glasses, Chemical Bottles, Medical Containers, Laboratory Glass
Aluminum  Cans RINSE CLEAN; Flattening is Optional Aluminum Foil and Bottle Caps
Tin & Steel Cans
Food Cans  RINSE CLEAN; Flattening is Optional Cardboard Side Juice Cans, Aerosol Cans, Paint Cans
Plastic Milk, Soda, & Detergent Bottles; Other Bottles Marked #1 PETE or #2 HDPE RINSE CLEAN; Remove & Discard Lids in Trash Styrofoam, Plastic Cups and Film, Hard Plastic items such as toys, pails, etc.; Medicine Bottles & Syringes
Newspapers, Magazines, Office Paper and Cardboard Newspapers, Magazines, Cardboard Card Stock, Office Paper, Books, Envelopes, Paper, Brown Paper Tape, Computer Printouts, Manila File Folders, Glued Pads, Tablets, Phone Books, Post-it Notes, and ANY Junk Mail None Bathroom Waste Paper (towels, toilet paper), Carbon Paper, Cellophane, Cloth, Cork, Foil, Polystyrene, Styrofoam, anything waxed, Candy Wrappers, Napkins, Paper Cups, Styrofoam Cups, Styrofoam Packaging, Paper Food Containers, Photographs, Fiberboard, Labels, Label Backings